希拉里在上海世博会美国馆的讲话2010-6-21 20:55:48
Establishing an American presence at this Expo worthy of our great country was quite a journey.
There is a poem from the Southern Song Dynasty that reads: "After endless mountains and rivers that leave doubt whether there is a path out, suddenly one encounters the shade of a willow, bright flowers and a lovely village." Well, I am very pleased that we have finally arrived at our lovely village.
This was a real team effort, a partnership that brought together our government, the private sector, the Chinese-American community, and so many friends and supporters. So, let me offer a few thank-yous.
To Ambassador Jon Huntsman and Consul General Bea Camp, and all the men and women of the U.S. Mission in China, we thank you.
To Ken Jarett and the board, staff, and volunteers of the USA Pavilion, including our student ambassadors who represent not just the welcoming spirit of our Pavilion, but the openness of our country. And to Ambassador Elizabeth Bagley and her deputy, Kris Balderston, and our corporate partners -- your generosity and commitment has made all of this possible. And I am very grateful to each and every one of you.
And finally, I want to express our deep appreciation to our Chinese hosts. It is a great honor to have with us Ambassador Zhang, Vice Foreign Minister Cui, Vice Finance Minister Li, and Vice Mayor Tang here with us this evening. Earlier today I had the privilege of visiting the China Pavilion, with its sweeping panorama of a great nation. The ancient Riverside scroll, which depicts another period of dramatic change and development, has been transformed through the magic of technology into a vivid symbol of the new China. This entire Expo, the largest in history, is a testament to the hospitality and energy of the Chinese people. And all around us we see that the glory of the past is matched by the dynamism of the present and the promise of the future.
The shape of that future depends, to a significant degree, on the evolving relationship between the United States and China. If our relations are defined by win-win solutions rather than zero-sum rivalries, we will thrive and prosper together. Now, we may not always agree on every issue, but we should seek and seize opportunities such as this Expo to build greater understanding between our peoples.
This USA Pavilion embodies many of the qualities that make my country a vibrant and prosperous nation: innovation, sustainability, diversity, the free exchange of ideas. And it is a model of environmental responsibility. And I am proud to announce that the Pavilion will be carbon neutral for the entire duration of the Expo.
700,000 people have already visited this pavilion. And one of the most moving displays is the tribute to the millions of Chinese Americans who have contributed so much to the cultural and economic development of the United States. From Yo-Yo Ma to I.M. Pei to Commerce Secretary Gary Locke and Energy Secretary Chu, Chinese-Americans have achieved great success in business, government, the arts, sciences and sports. And, to that end, I was pleased to hear that the Buffalo Bills have recently drafted the first Chinese-American to play in the NFL.
目前已有70多万人参观了美国馆。美国馆最感人的展品之一是,赞颂为美国文化和经济发展做出如此众多贡献的数百万美国华裔的专题。从马友友到贝聿铭,从商务部长骆家辉到能源部长朱棣文, 美国华裔在工商业、政府、艺术、科技和体育等领域都取得了极大的成功。说到这里,我很高兴地获悉,布法罗·比尔队最近吸收了第一位美国华裔参加美国橄榄球大联盟的赛事。
But we also celebrate those Chinese-Americans whose names are not well known to us. And thousands have sent photographs and testimonials documenting the Chinese experience in the United States. And it represents a true pageant of American life.
I.M. Pei, the great architect who built the John F. Kennedy library in Boston, along with many other notable buildings, said that he hoped people who went to the Kennedy Library experienced "revived hope and promise for the future." And I believe all of us can see that hope and promise here, in Shanghai.
杰出的建筑师贝聿铭设计建造了波士顿的约翰·肯尼迪图书馆等许多著名的建筑。他曾说,他希望到肯尼迪图书馆参观的人 “重新燃起对未来的希望和信念”。我相信,我们大家在这里,在上海可以看到这样的希望和信念。
And we have already been entertained by some of the young people who represent the future. I want to thank the Shanghai Music Conservatory string quartet that played for us during the reception. We are going to be hearing from the Parker Ossel Folish (ph) Trio, who will be playing during dinner. These are three young Americans who make their home here, in Shanghai. And then, after dinner, we will be entertained by an extraordinary group of young talent from California State University Northridge and Shanghai Normal University, who have joined forces to present a singing tribute called "Meet Me at the Expo."
Thank you again to everyone who helped to make this evening and this pavilion possible. You have enabled me to sleep through the night once again. Thank you all very much.
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